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The start of our birding session at Machinbele this morning was marked by a rather sad incident. While driving towards the Big Banyan tree we saw an exotic looking bird going round in circles in the middle of the road. A closer look revealed another bird (of the same species) killed in an accident (run over by a bus). The bird (which was alive) seemed to be grief-stricken. It just kept circling the dead bird, unfazed with the people/vehicles around. Even the locals seemed stunned by its behavior. We were wondering how could we help. Maybe take it to the rescue center.

A local tried misleading us suggesting its a Jungle Fowl. When we identified it as the African Guinea bird, thanks to a recent INW post, he revealed that these were domesticated birds. This was lone survivor of the four he had purchased (with two other falling prey to dogs earlier). Nevertheless, the bird was shortly seen flapping its wings and following the person into a neighboring farm. We felt really sad for it. These are social birds (supposedly moving in large groups) and this one would be all alone until it would too would get killed in another freak accident :(

RosyStarling OrientalWhiteEye
Rosy Starling Oriental White Eye

Disheartened, we continued birding. We had three lifers: the black winged stilt, the red headed merlin (in-flight) and the red munia. Unfortunately no pictures. Also, saw flocks of rosy starlings for the first time this season. Upon the advent of summer this year, from our terrace, we had see a number of flocks of these fly departing every day and had been waiting for their return.